Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Sabbath Day Book

Printable for Primary 2 - Lesson 37: I Can Keep the Sabbath Day Holy.
My Sabbath Day Book + bonus bookmark that all  fit on one sheet of paper.

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In preparation of my lesson I went to Sugardoodle and found a lovely rendition by Melissa Dillon of the manual supplied "My Sabbath Day Book". I love how she made it fit on one sheet but as a commenter pointed out the pages/squares aren't all the same size. Being somewhat of a perfectionist and having some photoshop skills I decided to even out the pages/squares. I also used the extra space at the bottom to create a bookmark. Enjoy!

As the lesson manual suggests, "Give each child a copy of the Sabbath day activity sheets (in this case just one sheet). Help the children read with you the title of the sheets: “My Sabbath Day Book.” Help the children cut the pages apart if you have not already cut them.Read the following sentences describing appropriate Sabbath activities, and help the children choose the picture that shows each activity.
  • • On the Sabbath we go to church to honor Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and learn about them.
  • • The Sabbath day is a good day to study the gospel with our families. We can read the scriptures and other good books.
  • • The Sabbath day is a day of prayer. We pray at church, with our families, and by ourselves.
  • • On the Sabbath day we can sing hymns and listen to good music.
  • • On the Sabbath day we can write in our journals and write letters to or draw pictures for our relatives, friends, and the missionaries.
  • • The Sabbath day is a good day to visit family members or people who are sick or lonely.
Give the children crayons and let them color the pictures. Ask them to draw on the blank page a picture of something they are going to do to keep the Sabbath day holy. Help the children staple or fasten the pages of their books together."

Use up extra time by having children color and cut out the bottom portion of the sheet that says "I will keep the Sabbath Day Holy". Paste the paper on slightly larger piece of construction paper. Punch a hole in the top of the image and tie a ribbon through it.

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  1. This is great! Thank you so much. I was looking for some lesson helps and this is just perfect.